A Farm-Filled Birthday

My youngest son loves animals. With both sides of grandparents being ranchers, he is growing up with cattle, goats, dogs, and more! So when it came time to decide what kind of birthday party he wanted, he instantly said, “Animals!”

This barnyard birthday was so fun and easy to put together!

The biggest hit of the whole day were these “walking” balloon animals I found on Amazon.

Our Party Menu:

  • Worms in Dirt: a layered dessert cup with chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and gummy worms on top
  • Veggies and Ranch Dip
  • Popped popcorn in carrot-shaped bags
  • Rice crispy treats cut in squares with string around them to look like hay bales
  • Pigs in a blanket
  • Strawberries dipped in white chocolate that I made orange with food coloring
  • Chicken Feed: Chex mix in paper bags
  • Cupcakes
  • A smaller birthday cake

The Party Favor:

Every child decorated their own pot and then filled it with potting soil and added a vegetable seed. They each left as a farmer, growing their own vegetable.

Here is a link to all of the accessories I used for the party:

brown paper bags for chicken feed | barn package with balloons and cupcake toppers | 9 oz cups for pudding | mini spoons for dirt pudding cups | bandanas | raffia for hay bale treats | mini farm animals | cow print table cloth | red bandana paper plates | black and white cow paper plates | barnyard animal paper plates | barnyard animal napkins | barnyard stacked animals

no mess paint sticks | clay pots

I hope this helps you when planning your next barnyard birthday!


Your Friend’s Favorite Gift

Are you looking for a way to appreciate a friend during Christmas, or you maybe need a present for their birthday this season? I am here to help, my friend.

4 Shots of Detox

Dry shampoo was a marvelous invention, and Drybar made it fun for the holiday season. 4 Shots of Detox is a great sample box of their different dry shampoos.

Glamorous Wash Sample Pack

While we are talking about samples……the Glamorous Wash Sample Pack is a great option as well. If you are at the age where laundry smelling good is important to you and your friends, this is a gift for you. Tyler Candle Company took their scents to another level and created laundry detergent with some of their scents. You don’t use this as your main detergent. You continue to use your regular soap, but then you will add a capful of this heavenly product in addition to the soap. Then enjoy the aroma of this glamorous wash taking over your laundry room.

If you rather try Tyler Candles first, here is the Diva Scented Candle  and High Maintenance Scented Candle for you to purchase. These are my two favorite scents

Cook Once, Eat All Week Cookbook | True Comfort Cookbook | French Bull Utensils | Funny Kitchen Towels    

Cookbook + Kitchen Utensils + Kitchen Towel = The perfect kitchen person gift. I have the Cook Once, Eat All Week Cookbook and Kristen’s True Comfort Cookbook is on my own wish list for Christmas this year. French Bull has fun prints and I love their French Bull Utensils. Just add a great kitchen towel, like one of these Funny Kitchen Towels, and you are SET!

Makeup Eraser

I love my Erase Your Face Makeup Cloths from Amazon, but these Makeup Erasers are a great gift set option too. I use a cloth every time I wear makeup. It takes even mascara off with hot water.

Vital Proteins Collagen Sampler Pack

If you have a friend that wanted to try Vital Proteins, or their powdered collagen, this is a fun way for them to try it!

Pura Smart Home Diffuser Pack

Over candles, but want your home to smell nice? Pura is a great option, and they have a holiday set available this year. The Pura Smart Home Diffuser Pack includes the diffuser, along with two scents.

Coco Friendship Bracelet

Gifts for Him

Dads can be VERY hard to shop for during the holidays. Especially, when their hobbies don’t really have accessories. Or those men purchase everything in your price range to gift them. I can relate!

Hopefully, these gifts are just a little out of the box where they haven’t thought about it (yet), and can be special for the holidays. Note – these gifts are great for women too, and I know I would love almost all these gifts myself, but I am sharing these items in hopes of easing the gift-buying burden for men.

Phone Magnet

Something that both my husband and I have on our phones is this awesome magnet. You adhere it to the back of your phone, or phone case, and it will connect to anything metal. Along with connecting to fridge doors, gym rigs, or your golf cart railing, it also comes with this dashboard ball. That metal ball will adhere anywhere in your car – mine is right below my air vent in my car. Your phone will connect to that metal ball with your magnet, and volia – hands-free and staying put. It is so fun to use!


If you haven’t heard of BOMBAS Socks, I highly recommend looking into them! For every item you purchase, an item is donated to someone affected by homelessness. Their women’s no show socks are some of my favorite, but my husband enjoys their performance socks as well. They have fun and festive colors for the holiday season too.

Shutterfly Desk Calendar

Taking photos is so easy these days, and why not display them for your loved one to see each month? These Shutterfly Desk Calendars are expected from our family each year. It is the one present they get so excited about, and we get to reflect the year together as we flip through every month.

Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket

Barefoot Dreams is famous for their soft, heavy, blankets. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is sold out of them every year. Typically, these blankets are leopard print, but I found a great “guy version” with less leopard and more camo. This Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket is a great splurge for those guys that love to watch a movie on the couch, or always use blankets. Think of it this way – you can use that blanket too! 🙂

Counterman Face Lotion | Counterman Body Wash

Self-care is important for guys too. That is why I’m inFace Lotion in my recommendation list. They also have a great Shave Regimen kit and Beard Regimen kit if you want to get your loved one set up for success in either area.

You might need something to put those toiletries in too, so I included both a sporty and classic shave kit option. My number one, go-to pick, is the Jon Hart Shave Kit. It’s timeless and great for any age. The leather patch on the side allows you to monogram the kit with anything you would like too – a name, initials, or even a college logo. The Patagonia Shave Kit is a versatile bag for men that can be used for more than just toiletries.

Yeti 26oz Rambler | Yeti 14oz Mug| Yeti Ice Pack | Yeti Lunch Bag

Let’s chat Yeti real quick. If you haven’t heard of Yeti, or tried any of their products, then welcome to gift heaven! If your guy likes coffee, their Yeti 14oz Mug or 24oz Mug are great options. I personally use the 24oz mug, and my coffee stays hot up to five hours!

The Yeti Lunch Bag is a nice size for snacks, a smaller lunch, and it really keeps things cold. The Yeti Ice Pack fits perfectly in the bottom too. I used my husband’s a lot for bottles of milk when traveling for work or on vacation.

A great go-to water bottle is the Yeti 26oz Rambler. I personally think it is the best size.

10oz Wine Tumbler | 10oz Lowball

For whiskey and wine peeps, their 10oz Wine Tumbler and 10oz Lowball cups are perfect for keeping those beverages at the prime temperature.

If you want to go bigger, my favorite cooler they offer is the Yeti Hopper Flip 12. It is a great size for any event, trip, or function. The cooler doesn’t make you look like you’re planning on staying all night, but can still take home leftovers from grandma’s house too.

All of the Yeti products come in different colors, and some items have free personalization on their website too.


For those that workout, exercise, or like to care for their body, the Theragun is top-of-the-line percussive therapy. This massage gun gets to that deep muscle tissue, providing a faster recovery.

RPM Jump Rope | WOD Repair Essentials Kit | Bear Komplex Hand Grips

For those that are into CrossFit, or Functional Fitness, these items are great staple pieces to keep in their gym bag. The RPM Jump Rope is great for getting those double unders perfected. The WOD Repair Essentials Kit is to help prevent hands getting destroyed from workouts. I promise this helps! I wouldn’t be working out without it! Another way to slow down the hand-tearing process are these Bear Komplex Hand Grips.

I would love to hear your feedback on if there is more an area you would like to see or a price range you are trying to stick to for your significant other. Feel free to reach out to me directly or DM me through Instagram at @rockparkerscissors.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Stocking Stuffers for Kids

I recently asked for viewers help on what gifts they are needing help with this year. The number one response was for children, but most of them added that they wanted the toys to be useful or not annoying. I can relate to that! I also received several responses on gifts for friends and then the dreaded – gifts for dads. I will be covering all three of these items, per your request, but I want to start this holiday season with children’s gifts.

Today, I’m covering stocker stuffers, or lower-priced items, that are kid-approved in my family. Continue to follow me as I post about additional gift ideas very soon! These gifts range for ages 6 months – 6 years old, and they are great for boys and girls.

Melissa and Doug Water WOW

This Melissa and Doug Water WOW pad is great for traveling, doctor visits, or when you need a child to wait for their meal at a restaurant. The pad and pen is reusable. You only need water for the pen and away you go! No permanent messes on clothes or furniture, and you can keep one in your bag whenever you need it. This three pack I linked on Amazon is only $11.49.

Melissa and Doug TAPE Activity Book

My four-year-old son loves tape, and pretty much anything sticky. The Melissa and Doug TAPE Activity Book allows kids to use tape with a purpose. I found this while purchasing fun band-aids (again because band-aids are sticky), and my son will be getting this as one of his presents this year.

Whirly Squigz

I’m a huge fan of Fat Brain Toys. These Whirly Squigz are definitely high on the list. They suction to windows very well and spin like a fidget spinner. Both my boys (4 and 18 months) love them – especially in the car.

Suction Kups

Fat Brain also has these Suction Kups. Multipurpose too! Not only do they suction to pretty much everything, they are great for snacks too! I love putting puffs in the cups, then suctioning the cup to the table. That is not their original purpose, but it works for our family!

*NOTE* If you are interested in both the Whirly Squigz and Suction Kups, Amazon has a great bundled option here: Fat Brain 12-Piece Set This is actually what I purchased for our family on our long 8-hour family trip this summer. It was a great investment.

Let’s Go Fishing

It’s a classic, and parents can join in on the fun. Let’s Go Fishing game is only $6.99 at Target. Reminder – it will need batteries! AAA Batteries linked here for ya to go ahead and add to your cart. 🙂

Crocodile Dentist Game

An easy-to-store gift for 4+ years is this Crocodile Dentist Game. Another classic and fun-spirited gift. Helpful for kids not wanting to brush their teeth too!


This is a great sensory toy, and great for little ones and their development.

Mudpuppy Magnetic Puzzle

This puzzle was a recent birthday gift for my four-year-old son, and HE LOVES IT! My favorite part is that it is easy to store. It is the size of a book and folds open into two different puzzles.

Bath Water Color Tablets and Dispensers

I don’t have to fight the boys to get in the bathtub when I ask them if they want to color their water. These Bath Water Color Tablets and Dispensers are so fun and a great way to learn how to mix colors. You simply put one tablet in the dispenser and put it in the water. The water quickly changes into the color and makes bath time more entertaining. The refills are easily accessible on Amazon as well: Bath Tablet Refills

Stay tuned for my bigger gift ideas for kids, along with dad gifts and gifts for those gal pals!

Weekend Trip to Wyoming

Going to Jackson Hole, Grand Teton Mountains, or Yellowstone National Park soon? Want to make sure you see and experience it all? I am here to help!

Every year, my husband and I go on a trip together to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We are joined by a couple from North Carolina, who also have the same wedding date as us too (October 12th)! This year the winner was Jackson Hole, WY.

The interesting piece of going to Jackson Hole in October is that it is their off season. The summer season closed – like the mountain roller coasters and white water rafting. The winter season is waiting for snow – for skiing, tubing, and sleigh rides (yes, they do sleigh rides with elk!). So what all is there really to do when none of those activities are available? GO OUTDOORS AND EXPLORE!

The weather is beautiful, and ranges from 14 degrees to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. We were outside without our jackets one day, and the next day we were in several layers and it was snowing – we experienced all their weather! Because the weather is a true fall.

Grand Teton National Park

I highly recommend hiking here when the weather is clear – you don’t want to miss any of the views!

We started at the Jenny Lake Loop, then veered left towards the Inspiration Point trail. Inspiration Point was the best area in the park in my opinion. We had a small lunch break there to take in the views – it was incredible. Along the way, we took a detour to see the Hidden Falls.

We made great time getting to Inspiration Point, so we decided to go further and explore Cascade Canyon. That extra few miles was worth is, as we were able to be only 10 yards from two moose relaxing by a tree. That was an exciting experience!

In total, we hiked about 12 miles to see all of those areas of the Tetons. We saw elk, moose, deer, and squirrels. Thankful, we didn’t see any bears.

Yellowstone National Park

The next day, we woke up super early and spent the entire day at Yellowstone National Park. We left our cabin at 6:00am and didn’t get back home until 10:00pm. It was worth every minute. We drove over 250 miles just inside the park, but we were able to see so many things:

  • Lamar Valley
  • Grand Canyon of Yellowstone River
    • Artist Point
    • View at the Lower Falls (my favorite)
  • Old Faithful Geyser
  • Canary Spring
  • Prismatic Spring
  • Hayden Valley
  • Mud Volcano
  • Roaring Mountain
  • Paint Pot Trailhead

I highly recommend downloading the Yellowstone National Park app, and downloading the park map on your phone, prior to entering. You will have very little service throughout the park. It even tells you what time you can expect to catch the geysers!

Exploring the Town

We spent one full morning at the National Elk Refuge, looking for all of the elk. We found sheep and prong-horned deer, but the elk were hiding too well for us that visit. There were amazing views and explored some great trails by car. I believe the refuge would be great to experience in ATV.

We also took time to tour Jackson Hole, and try out three of their breweries:

  • Snake River Brewery: The best beer and food combo. I recommend trying their chili!
  • Roadhouse Tap Room: Great atmosphere and my favorite beer.
  • Stillwest Brewery: Wonderful views and great service.

We listened to some music at the Cowboy Bar. It was such a fun place! Great energy!

We also recommend going to Pinky G’s for some pizza – it was SO GOOD! We ended the trip with a milkshake at the drug store, which we thoroughly enjoyed as well.

We were able to complete all of these with three full days in Wyoming. I hope you are able to get out to the mountains and explore nature soon!

A Birthday Carnival

This year, my son wanted his birthday at Wurstfest. If you aren’t familiar with this festival, I highly recommend checking it out! Unfortunately, Wurstfest was cancelled this year due to COVID-19. So I asked my son if we could have Wurstfest here. He replied with, “Let’s have a carnival at our house!” So a carnival it was!

This party was so fun to plan and fairly easy to put together! I incorporated some fair favorites, with corn dogs, cotton candy, and a balloon artist – which was the crowd favorite.

For games, I didn’t want people volunteering to run “booths,” and most of the children were around my son’s age, so we just put out games that they could enjoy without waiting in a line:

  • Corn hole
  • Hula hoops
  • A soccer net and ball
  • Ikea’s dart game
  • Knock the cans game
  • Photo area
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Balloon artist

Nearly the entire party was ordered from Oriental Trading and Amazon. The cake came from H-E-B, and it was DELICIOUS! I had a specific budget, and I chose my items around that budget.

Food from the party:

  • Cracker jacks
  • Cotton candy
  • Lollipops
  • Corn dogs
  • Popcorn
  • Confetti sugar cookies
  • Fruit k-bobs
  • Birthday cake
  • Party favors: gumball machines and animal crackers for those who can’t have gum yet.

Tips for hosting a child’s party at your home: If you are hosting a birthday party at your home, I highly recommend going through your children’s closets and putting up items that have several pieces, or puzzles – where every piece is important. If there are any items that are special to your kids, I encourage you to put those away as well. No one wants a fight over a toy at a party!

Once you filter the bedrooms, go ahead and clear out any common areas too. This helps guests focus on the toys put out for the party specifically. We cleared out the play kitchen and art easel that we keep in our kitchen area.

All of our items were stored in our master bedroom with our pup. We knew it was temporary, and having toys in our room would also motivate us to put the toys back to their original location after the party.

Overall, the party was a hit! If you are looking for a fun birthday theme, I recommend a carnival – it’s fun for all ages!

Carry On to Wyoming

My husband and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this year. While we were there, the temperatures ranged from 72 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, and I couldn’t check a bag for this trip. This meant it was time for clever packing and trying the rolling method.

The reason for not checking a bag: My husband and I have a Southwest card, and we try to use our points to purchase flights for our trips. Because Southwest doesn’t currently fly to Jackson Hole, we flew Southwest from San Antonio to Salt Lake City (SLC). Then at SLC, we changed to a Delta flight and flew Delta to Jackson Hole. We did that for our trip to and from Wyoming. Because of the airline change, we did not have enough time to go pick up our checked bags, check them into the new airline, and then go through TSA again each time. So packing with a carryon bag and one personal item, per person, was our only option.

Here were my steps to condensing what I packed:

  1. Take everything out of your closet that you would consider to take on this trip. This includes dresses, tops, pants, shoes, coats – EVERYTHING.
    1. I recommend laying all these items in a separate space to review, especially so you aren’t tempted to add more in your closet. This could be your living room, your couch, or for me, it was my bed.
  2. Plan your days. What do you expect to be doing? Will you be going back to your room to change at all? Note all the outfits you will TRULY need from this.
    1. I counted that we will be hiking for two days, touring the town one day, and traveling the other two days. That means four outfits to pack total, and one outfit to have in case we change for dinner one night. Because of the weather, I did need to pack layers as well to shed and add on during hikes.
  3. From everything you pulled, you will then need to decide ONE COLOR route you will be going. For me, it was deciding to wear brown or black: my brown boots, brown hat, and items that go with brown, or my black coat, black tights, and black shoes.
    1. I found that black had more options, especially with all my tights and layering pieces, so I went that route.
  4. Lay out each outfit from top to bottom – top, bottom, shoes, socks, jewelry, hat, scarfs, coat, and purse. Include everything you will have for this outfit.
    1. TIP: try to take no more than 3 shoes. The more packing-friendly they are, the better. Use your shoes to plan your outfits. For bulkier shoes you want to take, try to plan an outfit to wear with them when traveling so they don’t have to go in your suitcase. It’s okay to not be in workout clothes when traveling!
    1. For hiking, I knew I would need boots to wear. Since they were my bulkiest item, I planned to wear them on my traveling days. That saved a lot of room in my suitcase for other items. I did pack one pair of tennis shoes and my nice black booties (with a higher heel) for nighttime. I did wish I took my smaller-heeled booties to wear when we shopped around town, instead of the booties I took. This is the ONLY thing I missed when packing for Wyoming.
    2. DON’T BE AFRAID TO TRY ON THE OUTFIT! After having kids, some of my clothes don’t fit the same as I remember. I know make it a point to try on the outfit. It definitely helped me with making decisions!

Know that you can also change up outfits with the way you accessorize too! Jewelry is always packing friendly! 😊

When adding all these clothes, I also knew that typical folding was going to work with these sweaters. So I tried the rolling method for the first time. I don’t think I can fold traditionally again when packing! It was crazy how much room I saved when rolling!

I also tried to keep my additional bag as empty as possible, because I knew I would need room for little souvenirs for our kids and ourselves.

What was in my bag:

  1. Three sweaters: one grey, one tan, and one cream turtleneck
  2. One nice black top for dinner
  3. One pair of jeans
  4. Four pair of leggings/tights
  5. One flannel
  6. Three layering tops
  7. One rain jacket
  8. One coat
  9. Two beanies
  10. Two scarves
  11. four hiking socks
  12. One set of pajamas

What I wish I packed

I wish I took my smaller-heeled booties to wear when we shopped around town, instead of the booties I took. This is the ONLY thing I missed when packing for Wyoming.

I also wished I packed a baseball cap for when it got too warm for my beanie. No one likes post-beanie hair! I easily solved this missed item by purchasing a fun cap at the gift shop in Jackson Hole.

What I didn’t wear

I ended up not wearing my second pair of jeans, my black top I packed for dinner, and one turtlneeck sweater

One item I recommend:

My black patagonia coat. This thing was the real MVP, and the winning reason is because it folds into itself! The whole coat can fold into the pocket, making it so easy to throw in my little bag. It was easy to layer with too. I highly recommend this coat.

Feature Friday: Worth the Wine

If we are being honest, wine was never my go-to beverage. They were too bitter, too sweet, or too dry for me to want to enjoy over dinner or watching a movie with my husband. But I loved tasting and trying different brands and types of wines. I would never turn down a glass when with friends too – especially when watching “The Bachelor.” Wine is essential for that show.

When my dear friend, Margaret Hodges, became a consultant for Scout and Cellar, I was immediately intrigued. Margaret knows her wine, and I know she wouldn’t partner with just any company. At the first opportunity available, I hosted a wine tasting at my home with Margaret. That tasting was one of the most enjoyable events. Great friends AND great wine. I was so impressed with each wine, and Margaret was wonderful in explaining the differences. Since then, I’ve preferred to enjoy Scout and Cellar wine over them all. I actually choose wine when I know I have my favorite – Fieldhouse Pinot Noir.

Scout and Cellar made its way to my Feature Friday because I recently discovered their Scout Sampler. It comes with four smaller bottles of their more popular wines. I love the resealable top and that I don’t have to open a whole bottle for myself. They also recently released Holiday Sets that are great gift options for your friends and loved ones.

I also wanted to mention the most important part about Scout and Cellar. They are a clean-crafted wine. If you want more insight on what this means, I strongly recommend reaching out to Margaret at @worththewine on Instagram. She is a great resource in learning more.

So cheers to Scout and Cellar and cheers to the weekend, y’all!

Matching Mama

Green Top | Jean Shorts | Womens Shoes | Sunglasses | Little Kid Shoes | Toddler Shoes   

Green Top | Jean Shorts | Womens Shoes | Sunglasses | Little Kid Shoes | Toddler Shoes   

You can easily find matching mother-daughter headbands, dresses, or shirts, but moms matching their sons isn’t nearly as fun or cool. I know I know – matching isn’t required. But man, it is sure fun!

I recently discovered the matching-shoe option when I accidentally came across little boy Adidas that are similar to the black Adidas I wear frequently. He loved wearing them. I loved discretely matching my son. It was a win for everyone. Now that I have two boys, I made it fun once again when I found a mini version of my checkered Vans. It is something simple to do, and it makes it fun (for me at least) when we wear them together.

Go have fun connecting with your kids with shoes, headbands, shirts, or something new. They will appreciate it more than you think.

Green Top | Jean Shorts | Womens Shoes | Sunglasses | Little Kid Shoes | Toddler Shoes   

defining your inner beauty

Makeup is not everyone’s thing – and that’s okay! But for me, I learned over the years how to enhance what I have with some simple steps. Growing up, I would go to Bare Essentials, Sephora, or Ulta to learn techniques and tricks with different products. I wanted to have a better understanding, and going in-person provided me the opportunity to practice and see what I enjoyed and what wasn’t for me. So as I share this content, please know I am definitely an amateur makeup applier. But I am happy to share because I know several of you could also be at the beginning stages of the beauty realm.

On a regular work-from-home day, I can be found in sunscreen and mascara. For events, and when I feel like dressing up a bit, I like to go with this makeup routine that I recently shared on my Instagram story (@rockparkerscissors).

I’m listing my makeup in the order it’s applied:

Primer: Bare Minerals Prime Time

The cream I apply all over my face (I wear the medium color, but light mixed with medium in the winter): It CC Cream | Mini Size   

Bronzers I recommend: Hoola Bronzer | Elf Bronzer

Under Eye Cream: Under Eye Concealer | Mini Size

Setting Powder: Bye Bye Pores Setting Powder

Blush, and I included all the options: Blush I Used on Instagram | Newer Version of My Blush | NARS Blush (my favorite) | NARS Cheek Palette  

My go-to eyeliner: Eyeliner

Eye Shadow: Naked 2 Eye Shadow Palette  

What I apply to the top, outer, lashes prior to my mascara: L’Oreal Lash Primer

My Everyday Mascara: L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara  

Lip Liner

Lip Stain

Brushes: Bronzer Brush |Blush Brush

I found this great set if you are starting from scratch, or looking for a new set: Brush Set (includes Foundation, Eye, and Setting Powder Brush)    

Makeup Bag: Jon Hart Small Travel Kit

Speaking of sets, if you are wanting to purchase several of these items, I found some great sets to start with from QVC and the It Cosmetics website:

Three-Piece Collection: Includes CC Cream, Setting Powder, and Brush for $54.75.

Bye Bye Pore Pressed Powder and Brush: $42 (regularly $85 if purchased separately)

CC Cream and Brush: Buy the set for $46  

Under Eye Cream: 2 for $32.50 – if you and a friend both wanted to try this product, this is a great option for you!  

Fresh Face Favorites Set: Includes a foundation brush, CC cream, and setting spray for $50 (a $101.50 value)

30 Seconds to Flawless Kit: Includes Bye Bye Setting Powder, Powder Brush, Foundation Brush, and Full Coverage Moisturizer for $85 ($165.50 value). I’ve never purchased the moisturizer before, but I’ve heard it is less coverage than the CC cream. Coverage level, it goes tinted moisturizer, CC cream, and then their foundation.

You can also use this link and save $10 on your order over $75, if you decide to purchase directly from the It Cosmetics website: www.itcosmetics.com   

Now go have fun making yourself glow!