Gruene with Envy

Dress | Sandals | Silver Hoops

Today’s Feature Friday is a great shop here in town, Gruene with Envy. They have SO many items that are just different enough to stand out – in the best way. They also have a ton of closet staples as well.

If you’re ever in the area, I hope you check out Gruene with Envy!


Sporty and I know it!

Tank | Skirt | Hat | Shoes

I grew up playing tennis, and I wore tennis skirts A LOT. So wearing them is a go-to when I am running errands, or when I want to be one step up from just shorts and a t-shirt. It was a busy day, so I only had time for a quick bathroom selfie. I also was very lucky that two little boys weren’t a blur in the background.

I love this combo because I look “put together,” while being able to chase boys, or even hit up the gym (or tennis courts). I will definitely be wearing this all day.

Oh, there’s a kid 🙂

Chaco Time, All the Time

Chaco Sandals

In 2012, my husband gifted me with these custom-designed Chaco sandals. Little did he know, these sandals would become part of my everyday life.

Living in a town with a famous waterpark and two floatable rivers, owning a pair of good water shoes is a must. Having two boys that are all over the place and can get dirty at any second also requires reliable footwear – where you can play in the water one minute, but then chase them down the sidewalk the next. Chacos are fun, comfortable, and did I mention you get some great tan lines from them too?

Chacos do have solid colors and great prints. My chacos were very bright, but of course, faded over the years. For a sizing reference, I am a solid 7 1/2, and I have a 7 in these sandals – as they only come in whole sizes.

If you are looking to try on in person, I highly recommend REI. If you are local, The Pomegrante has some great options as well.

May you have a great time in the outdoors!

My Little T-Shirt Dress

Sunglasses |  T-Shirt Dress | Diaper Bag  | Sandals | Apple Watch Band

T-shirt dresses are so versatile and mom-friendly. I believe you can never have too many! This little number I found at Wal-Mart for $9.96! I really like the thickness of the material, along with the details – like the ribbed neckline and front pocket. I paired this dress with my comfortable, and affordable, snake-print sandals. I hope this dress finds it’s way to your closet too!

River Road Clothing

Texas Thunderbird Tank  | Sunglasses | Denim Shorts | Belt | Sandals | Apple Watch Strap

I love to shop local – and River Road Clothing Company makes it easy to do. My husband first began our River Road collection with the NBTX sweatshirt, which then continued with an NBTX hat, stickers, and the newest addition – the flag. We love supporting this great community, and this mighty town sure has some pride!

NBTX Hat| NBTX Flag T-Shirt |  Sticker | Flag  

One of my newer items is the Texas thunderbird tank. It’s a great piece to dress up or down. The tank is great to wear when you want to look put together, but want to be comfortable too. Check all their items out at The Local in downtown New Braunfels, or online at

Texas Thunderbird Tank | Sunglasses | Denim Shorts | Belt | Sandals | Apple Watch Strap   

My Personal Barista

Working from home, with the entire family home too, definitely calls for caffeine in the morning. I didn’t want to get drive-thru coffee for a fancy espresso drink so frequently, so I began researching for my perfect at-home brew.

The Nespresso Vertuo is my new go-to every morning. I have a blast trying new pods, frothing milk, and adding flavor to each drink. Honestly, I started preferring my nespresso than local coffee shops – which my wallet thanks me for that.

If you are interested in trying this machine yourself, I have the Vertuo Titan Bundle (which includes the machine and frother). The Nespresso machines frequently go on sale, so I recommend waiting if possible for the machine until there is a discount code – I will keep an eye out for you too! But if you are interested in the machine now, here are all the details on my morning coffee routine.

Also, if the 24oz mug is too big for you, I included the smaller Yeti mug (14oz) as well. I highly recommend a Yeti mug for those times you can’t sit and enjoy your coffee in one setting. My coffee stays warm for a solid three hours. I can’t say if it keeps warmer longer, as that is my max I have had coffee in my mug so far.

Nespresso Machine and Frother Bundle |14oz Yeti Mug | 24oz Yeti Mug |    | Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup

My favorite current pods: Caramel Cookie | Melozio | Arrondio | Bianco Leggero    

Cheers to a more enjoyable start to your day!

Little Boys Swimsuits

Do you ever struggle to find swimwear for little boys? Finding swim trunks with a matching rash guard is fairly hard for me to find, and I am all about that UV protection!

Luckily, I can always trust in Mud Pie and Target to come through when it comes for fun swimwear that my boys approve!

I found a lot of their swimwear online for you to browse, and I’m sharing some other fun options for you too as little brother’s clothes aren’t are online anymore, #handmedownlife:

Shark Pocket Rash Guard | Shark Swim Shorts | Great Alligator Swim Set | Shark Swim Set

Light Blue Alligator Shorts    | Alligator Snorkel Rash Guard | Dark Blue Alligator Shorts | Alligator Surfer Rash Guard  | Swim Hat | Keen Sandals | Toddler Sandals   

One-Piece Zip Sunsuit with Hat | Water Table

We can’t forget our life vests too! We love the Speedo Life Vest!

Speedo Swim Vest

Cute and Comfy

dress | sandals | earrings | ring | watch | hair tie

Do you ever struggle with the challenge of wanting to dress cute for a social event, but not wanting to be uncomfortable? I have this challenge all of the time! Especially with two little boys, being cute and comfortable are two words that don’t commonly connect for me. But Target really helped with a resolution – their tshirt dress.

Recently, Target had their tshirt dresses on sale, so I purchased a few colors to give them a try. These dresses did NOT disappoint. So comfortable, machine-washable, and they are a great length! Enjoy the links under my photo for the entire outfit.

Have a great and comfy day 🙂

– madelon

I’m BACK!!!

You might not see it very often – the ultimate blogger comeback story. But this gal plans to continue what she truly enjoys. That is sharing what I love, while making people look and feel great.

Since we last met, I now have two boys. My oldest is now almost four, and my youngest just turned one this April (our first virtual birthday party!). My husband and our dog Lola are still thriving, and we are making the most of this pandemic we are all currently experiencing together.

You’re probably still wondering why I took such a long hiatus, and I apologize for leaving you astray on my weekly posts. But when my oldest son was three months old, we learned he had a cataract in his right eye. Being a first-time mom, still trying to learn the ropes and balancing out those hormones, I had a difficult time coping. I suffered from postpartum anxiety and survivors guilt – where I would tell myself that it could be so much worse, and my son can still do all things even with vision in one eye, but never accepting that this was in fact a traumatic experience. One day, I will go into more detail about both of those items in hopes to help other moms out there going through that same experience. But for now, we will keep this re-introduction light-hearted and fun, shall we!?

These last few years, while not sharing on my blogging platform, I continued to assist friends with wardrobe revamps and styling tips. I even helped one friend purchase makeup for the first time (and she looks even more FABULOUS now). I learned new and healthier tricks when cooking, while working with a toddler that is slowly becoming more particular on dining options. Fitness has recently climbed up the importance ladder as well, especially being home so much during COVID-19. I can’t wait to share all of this and more in upcoming posts!

So cheers to you and staying faithful in me. I look forward to helping you become the BEST YOU!