My Personal Barista

Working from home, with the entire family home too, definitely calls for caffeine in the morning. I didn’t want to get drive-thru coffee for a fancy espresso drink so frequently, so I began researching for my perfect at-home brew.

The Nespresso Vertuo is my new go-to every morning. I have a blast trying new pods, frothing milk, and adding flavor to each drink. Honestly, I started preferring my nespresso than local coffee shops – which my wallet thanks me for that.

If you are interested in trying this machine yourself, I have the Vertuo Titan Bundle (which includes the machine and frother). The Nespresso machines frequently go on sale, so I recommend waiting if possible for the machine until there is a discount code – I will keep an eye out for you too! But if you are interested in the machine now, here are all the details on my morning coffee routine.

Also, if the 24oz mug is too big for you, I included the smaller Yeti mug (14oz) as well. I highly recommend a Yeti mug for those times you can’t sit and enjoy your coffee in one setting. My coffee stays warm for a solid three hours. I can’t say if it keeps warmer longer, as that is my max I have had coffee in my mug so far.

Nespresso Machine and Frother Bundle |14oz Yeti Mug | 24oz Yeti Mug |    | Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup

My favorite current pods: Caramel Cookie | Melozio | Arrondio | Bianco Leggero    

Cheers to a more enjoyable start to your day!


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