defining your inner beauty

Makeup is not everyone’s thing – and that’s okay! But for me, I learned over the years how to enhance what I have with some simple steps. Growing up, I would go to Bare Essentials, Sephora, or Ulta to learn techniques and tricks with different products. I wanted to have a better understanding, and going in-person provided me the opportunity to practice and see what I enjoyed and what wasn’t for me. So as I share this content, please know I am definitely an amateur makeup applier. But I am happy to share because I know several of you could also be at the beginning stages of the beauty realm.

On a regular work-from-home day, I can be found in sunscreen and mascara. For events, and when I feel like dressing up a bit, I like to go with this makeup routine that I recently shared on my Instagram story (@rockparkerscissors).

I’m listing my makeup in the order it’s applied:

Primer: Bare Minerals Prime Time

The cream I apply all over my face (I wear the medium color, but light mixed with medium in the winter): It CC Cream | Mini Size   

Bronzers I recommend: Hoola Bronzer | Elf Bronzer

Under Eye Cream: Under Eye Concealer | Mini Size

Setting Powder: Bye Bye Pores Setting Powder

Blush, and I included all the options: Blush I Used on Instagram | Newer Version of My Blush | NARS Blush (my favorite) | NARS Cheek Palette  

My go-to eyeliner: Eyeliner

Eye Shadow: Naked 2 Eye Shadow Palette  

What I apply to the top, outer, lashes prior to my mascara: L’Oreal Lash Primer

My Everyday Mascara: L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara  

Lip Liner

Lip Stain

Brushes: Bronzer Brush |Blush Brush

I found this great set if you are starting from scratch, or looking for a new set: Brush Set (includes Foundation, Eye, and Setting Powder Brush)    

Makeup Bag: Jon Hart Small Travel Kit

Speaking of sets, if you are wanting to purchase several of these items, I found some great sets to start with from QVC and the It Cosmetics website:

Three-Piece Collection: Includes CC Cream, Setting Powder, and Brush for $54.75.

Bye Bye Pore Pressed Powder and Brush: $42 (regularly $85 if purchased separately)

CC Cream and Brush: Buy the set for $46  

Under Eye Cream: 2 for $32.50 – if you and a friend both wanted to try this product, this is a great option for you!  

Fresh Face Favorites Set: Includes a foundation brush, CC cream, and setting spray for $50 (a $101.50 value)

30 Seconds to Flawless Kit: Includes Bye Bye Setting Powder, Powder Brush, Foundation Brush, and Full Coverage Moisturizer for $85 ($165.50 value). I’ve never purchased the moisturizer before, but I’ve heard it is less coverage than the CC cream. Coverage level, it goes tinted moisturizer, CC cream, and then their foundation.

You can also use this link and save $10 on your order over $75, if you decide to purchase directly from the It Cosmetics website:   

Now go have fun making yourself glow!


Lululemon Finds

 Striped Tank | Similar Tank Currently on Sale | Blue Shorts | Similar Black Cardigan | Another Similar Cardigan | Sneakers – Currently on Sale!   

While working from home, I learned that if I start the day dressed in workout clothes, the likelihood of working out during the day is much higher. I also want to look somewhat put together when taking my boys to their preschool as well. That’s when athleisure wear comes in, and I wanted to share my own combo with you today!

Lululemon definitely is known for not only being great workout gear, but a higher-end line as well in the industry. When comparing to other workout clothes, some of their items are definitely worth the price difference. But being a big fan of bargains, I had to search a little bit more. Lululemon has a We Made Too Much section online and on their app! This hidden gem has regular items on sale if they have too much of one color or specific product. So you aren’t getting clothing pieces with malfunctions, but you are getting a better price on their clothing items. My tank and shorts were on this list recently, and their items can change weekly. Also, with their free shipping and free return policy, I’m not as afraid to try something on that list.

So if you were interested in trying Lululemon, I highly recommend shopping through the We Made Too Much section first!

 Striped Tank | Similar Tank Currently on Sale | Blue Shorts| Sneakers – Currently on Sale!  

Now go enjoy that workout!

New Shorts Find!

Caslon Rounded V-Neck | White Levi Shorts | Snake Print Sandals

After ordering these white shorts from Amazon at the end of July, I learned they were back ordered. I waited patiently for the Levi shorts to come in and they finally arrived!

I must say they are living up to my expectations. They are high-waisted, with buttons in place of a giant zipper. I’m already looking into buying other colors in this same style too!

I’m wearing a Nordstom Anniversay Sale top as well – a rounded vneck Caslon top, and Target sandals.

Shorts are always hard to find – they are not long enough, they are too tight at the waist, and I could go on. But I hope these shorts are a great option that can work for you too!

Caslon Rounded V-Neck | White Levi Shorts | Snake Print Sandals

A new school year is in the air

Pandemic or not, our children are still going through another school year. Whether it’s at-home, or in-person, you’re decision is the right one! For our family, we are still in daycare/preschool mode. Even though my boys go to school year round, due to our careers not having a summer break, our daycare does a wonderful job keeping a “school year” in place, with lesson plans and events. And what better way to win over teachers’ hearts than with gifts this year?!

Being a daughter of two teachers, I know that any gift – big or small – does not go unnoticed. Whether it is just a drink, or just some cookies to brighten their day, they appreciate it!

For this school year, I made each of the boys’ teachers a basket filled with the goodies in the photo:

Additional gift idea options to add to your gift bag/basket:

For the aids and office staff at their daycare, I made smaller goodie bags for all of them. I did had some sparkling water in theirs, instead of lemonade.

I wish you all a wonderful school year!

Jane + June

@janeandjunecollection on Instagram

I am IN LOVE with 1) the current bracelet trend and 2) the bright color trend. Two of my favorite things combined in one! When a friend shared the @janeandjunecollection Instagram page, I knew I needed to add these bracelets to my jewelry collection.

These bracelets can be customized and have several solid-color options as well. I chose to go with my two boys names this round, but I like the bracelets with encouraging words too. They are elastic bracelets and completely filled with beads.

Go check out @janeandjunecollection today to add a little color to your life.

Prepping for the Nordstrom Sale

This sale is different than other sales. Why, you ask? This sale discounts new and upcoming items, versus items that are discounted because they need to make room for new items coming into the store. This makes this event much more exciting, and something you don’t want to miss, because you will see these items throughout this upcoming fall/winter season.

You can see all of Nordstrom’s sale items through their Early Access Preview. I’m sharing some items I really liked while browsing the web. Please note, some items might currently show “Sold Out,” but Nordstrom tries very hard to restock as quickly as possible. So keep your eye on the item your interested in because it might restock!

Also, I apologize for the long post, but I’m hoping this is an easier way for you to shop the sale – or at least have an idea of what caught my eye this season. I also will do a try on with all these clothes when I order on the 13th in hopes to help you! You can find the link to each item below the image for easier shopping too.

Dresses: I only found one dress I am considering to purchase this year. It is reasonable price and I feel I can wear this for different occasions.

Olive Long Sleeve Dress

Tops: There are a few tops I will be trying, but the Nordstrom sale is a great time to get some staple pieces for your closet.

Cream Turtleneck Sweater

Free People Sweater

Henley Long-Sleeve Top

Rounded V-Neck T-Shirt

Extra Long Top

Crewneck Pullover

Outerwear: There is a similar Patagonia coat like I have on the sale this year, and I absolutely LOVE my Patagonia coat. It’s super easy to pack as well. I am a big cardigan wearer, so I will be trying some of these pieces this year as well. I’ve only heard great things about Barefoot Dreams and their incredibly soft items.

Patagonia Coat

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

Open Stitch Cardigan

Shorter-Length Cardigan

Lounge/Sleepwear: With staying home more this year, and my love of coordinating pajamas, Nordstrom offers some great options.

Moonlight Dream Short-Sleeve Pajamas

Moonlight Dream Long-Sleeve Pajamas

Cozy Top | Cozy Shorts  

Shoes: This is where I see the largest savings in the entire sale. I am also a huge fan of shoes so there are several currently on my Wish List right now.

Vince Camuto Booties

Steve Madden Flats

Duke Studded Chelsea Boot

Steve Madden Mules

Cole Haan Slip On Sneakers

Accessories: Here are some great finds that are sometimes overlooked when shopping the sale. Accessories are important too! 🙂 The Tory Burch handbags have great deals this year. I shared two that I really like, and for those moms out there – I love when the chain is removable so I can turn my purse into a wallet and throw it in that diaper bag.

Carson Zip Crossbody

Carson Convertible Crossbody

Logo Studs

Marty Drop Earrings

Quay Sunglasses

Makeup Mirror

Little Boy Items: Here is what I plan to purchase for my older son for this upcoming season.

Better Sweater Jacket

Baseball T-Shirt |  Reversible T-Shirt


Let’s WHOOP it up!

Start WHOOP Here

If you know you know, right Vicki Gunvalson? But I’m not talking about that kind of WHOOP party today. I’m talking about the WHOOP bracelet, which monitors my sleep, measures my recover, and assists in building strain.

After watching my husband with his WHOOP band for seven months, I decided to get it a try. The first month, and bracelet (if you get the standard black strap) is free, and you can choose your membership from there.

Feel free to go on this WHOOP journey with me! Let’s see how much our overall health improves!

PS – if you are part of my current gym, we even have a group in WHOOP – so let me know if you join and I will add you to our group!

Start WHOOP Here