A new school year is in the air

Pandemic or not, our children are still going through another school year. Whether it’s at-home, or in-person, you’re decision is the right one! For our family, we are still in daycare/preschool mode. Even though my boys go to school year round, due to our careers not having a summer break, our daycare does a wonderful job keeping a “school year” in place, with lesson plans and events. And what better way to win over teachers’ hearts than with gifts this year?!

Being a daughter of two teachers, I know that any gift – big or small – does not go unnoticed. Whether it is just a drink, or just some cookies to brighten their day, they appreciate it!

For this school year, I made each of the boys’ teachers a basket filled with the goodies in the photo:

Additional gift idea options to add to your gift bag/basket:

For the aids and office staff at their daycare, I made smaller goodie bags for all of them. I did had some sparkling water in theirs, instead of lemonade.

I wish you all a wonderful school year!


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