My Baby Food Maker

If you are planning to make your own baby food, or in the midst of doing so, I found a great tool to make this process easier. It also creates VERY happy babies.



It is called the Babycook by Beaba, and I am in love with it. There are not many steps in making baby food, nor does it take time away from playing with your little one(s).

  • Dice vegetables/fruit
  • Add correct amount of water to the mixing area, according to the booklet (included)
  • Add the diced food to the steaming basket, top with mixing lid, and seal shut
  • Add water to the reservoir
  • Turn the knob to the “steam” icon.
  • Once steaming is complete, remove water (but save some to add when pureeing the food), and take food out of the steaming basket
  • Add steamed food direct to the mixing area, add some of the steamed water back into the mixing area. Adding water will be up to your discretion and how thick you want your food.
  • Puree

Then volia! Your baby’s meal is complete! In three hours, I completed four different vegetables, and several jars of food. Granted, I didn’t stay in the kitchen the entire time. I would get the food started, let it steam, then go spend time with my family until I went in the kitchen to check on things.

I love that your time isn’t spent in the kitchen making food, and Baby P gets fresh veggies and fruit from our local farmers market.



I highly recommend adding this sweet cooking machine to your next baby registry, buying it for your friends, or getting one for those sweet babies of your own.

I have the older edition, the Babycook Original, but you can see all the editions, and links to purchase them, here:

Babycook Original

unknown.jpgBabycook Pro

84141946461131p.jpgBabycook Plus

FYI- this is not a paid ad. This was recommended to me by my cousin who made baby food, with ease, for all three of her children. She is the original Beaba user.

Happy {baby food} eating!



Matching PJs


I’m not sure why, but I really thought it would be fun to match my son while in the hospital. Not only was it fun (for me), I ended up finding some of the most soft and comfortable pajamas!

As I mentioned in my previous post, Packing for the Hospital, I found some great pajamas so I didn’t have to wear a gown my entire visit. While searching for nursing-friendly pajamas, I came across matching sets for mom and baby. I then fell in love! We both wear these PJs all the time around the house. It’s great to wear when visiting family too!


I also love wearing these Medela camis that were recommended to me by a dear friend.

You can find the matching beanie with Baby P’s name here at Etsy.




img_3606Similar PJs: Due Maternity | Favorite Nursing Cami: Medela | Baby’s Beanie: Etsy



I hope you and your baby are comfy during your stay!

Packing for the Hospital


Before Baby P arrived, one challenging experience was packing for the hospital for the first time. I didn’t want to look like we were moving in, but I didn’t want to forget anything important. After much research, and surveying experienced moms, I packed accordingly.

I did pack for a vaginal birth, but I did end up having a c-section. Everything I list below is for my stay after the c-section.

When we finished, we packed all of our items in one carry-on wheeled bag and one half-full backpack:



Mom’s Items:

  • Two pajama sets: I made sure both had nursing-friendly tops. Here are links for my two pajamas: Eve Alexander | Due Maternity
  • Slippers for the hospital: UGG
  • Shower shoes
  • A comfy robe: Ralph Lauren
  • A going home dress: I highly recommend a dress heading home. I definitely didn’t want to mess with pants this early postpartum. Also make sure you have a nursing-friendly under garment to wear. Old Navy | Tory Burch | Medela
  • Extra long phone charger: The 10ft charger came in handy. My phone could charge and still reach my bed. Just Wireless

I also had a small toiletries bag:

  • Small mirror: This came in very handy when putting in my contacts and throwing on makeup. Amazon
  • Makeup bag: I included tinted moisturizer, blush, eyeliner, and mascara. It really felt good to put some make up on when heading home. It made me feel/look like me after spending so much time in the hospital.
  • Face-cleansing wipes: This came in handy when I stayed in bed and still wanted to feel fresh. Neutrogena
  • Extra contacts, contact case, and glasses
  • Face wash
  • Dry Shampoo Not Your Mother’s
  • Actual shampoo and conditioner
  • Hairbrush
  • Lotion
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Hair ties
  • Cute hair bands


Dad’s Items:

  • Different pants: He brought comfy shorts, sweatpants, khaki shorts, and jeans. He wanted to be prepared for any type of weather. This ended up being good because I kept the room VERY cold! Nike | Hurley | Dockers
  • Slippers: UGG
  • Different tops: A long-sleeve tee, a short-sleeve tee, and a nicer polo shirt for coming home. Under Armour | Under Armour | Puma
  • A last-minute sweatshirt: This came in very handy. I don’t think he ever took it off.

The Backpack (filled with Baby P’s items):

  • Three sets of newborn clothes: This included an outfit with matching beanie and socks.
  • Mittens for hands
  • Three swaddle blankets
  • Two burp cloths
  • Our nice camera for snapping all our visitors

In the Car:

We left some items in the car in case we needed them. Fortunately, we were glad we did! We didn’t bring these things with us initially, but Super Dad went and got them as needed:

  • A blanket for Dad’s bed: This is a must! The hospital provided sheets for Dad’s bed, but with the room being so cold, he needed more coverage!
  • Two pillows for Mom and Dad: It was nice having our own pillows, especially after staying at the hospital so long.
  • Baby P’s carrier: We didn’t need this until we left the hospital, so we left it in the car. Britax
  • An extra bag: We actually didn’t end up using this extra bag because everything fit in the backpack. We took all of the items the hospital provided us – I mean we already paid for it! This included the leftover diapers and wipes, the suction bulb, and more. If you don’t have any room left in your bags, I recommend keeping a spare bag in the car to pack when leaving the hospital.


I hope these lists help any future first-time moms when packing, and I wish you all the most wonderful experience with your labor and delivery!

Baby P is Here!

ksp2016riley02Photo: Kaitlyn Smith Photography

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all staying warm and enjoying all of the winter holidays! I apologize for being MIA. I was enjoying my time with this little guy and my family.

ksp2016riley63Photo: Kaitlyn Smith Photography

These last weeks flew by. I am learning so much about myself, parenthood, and how strong my husband and I are as a team. My husband is SUCH a great dad! He keeps me going and is so positive with everything.

I can’t wait to share some of my knowledge with you, as well as getting tips from all you experienced parents out there!

ksp2016riley45Photo: Kaitlyn Smith Photography



Saying Thank You

With these amazing baby showers, I wanted the perfect way to say “thank you” to my sweet friends who hosted these events. Today I wanted to share my thank you note project with you.


I found the perfect card here at, and I then customized the message to reflect exactly what I wanted to say. I purchased the lip balms here at

I hope this helps when you are trying to find the perfect card for your hosts on your next baby shower!

Another Maternity Dress Find

I fell in love with this blue polka dot dress when I found it at It is comfortable, and that is the number one requirement for me at this point in my pregnancy. I recently wore it to a baby shower, and I recommend it to anyone who needs a dress for any upcoming parties or weddings.




momandmeDress: ASOS | Shoes: Steve Madden | Earrings: Anthropologie | Bracelet: David Yurman | Watch: Apple

Crazy Cravings

With Baby P’s arrival coming closer, my cravings are through the roof. Throughout my pregnancy, sour candy and banana pudding are my favorites. But lately, sprinkled donuts are definitely on top of the craving list.


I would love to hear what your pregnancy cravings are/were, and how you got rid of them without caving in every time. Happy eating to all my moms-to-be out there!

You’re Never Too Pregnant for Stripes

I am 38-weeks pregnant and there still no sign of Baby P arriving yet. While we are not so patiently waiting for his arrival, I wanted to share a great outfit for those mommas-to-be as the seasons change. Not only is it comfortable, it is easy to find and buy! Target became one of my favorite maternity stops throughout this pregnancy.

img_8400Striped Shirt: Liz Lange | Chambray Top (not maternity): MeronaJCrew | Tights: BeMaternity | Shoes: Converse | Earrings: Tory Burch | Similar Necklace: Kendra Scott | Watch: Apple

Today I am sharing my favorite outfit combo with you, but there are many ways to wear this look by changing the bottoms, shirt, or shoes. When it is warmer, I like to wear the stripe shirt with blue jean shorts, and some fun jewelry. You can also wear a different colored or patterned top underneath the chambray top. Unlimited possibilities!

I feel this outfit works for several different things – going out for a fun date, meeting a friend for dinner, or even going to one of your many doctor’s appointments!



Just waiting for Baby P! Whenever you’re ready, little guy!

Striped Shirt: Liz Lange | Chambray Top (not maternity): MeronaJCrew | Tights: BeMaternity | Shoes: Converse | Earrings: Tory Burch | Similar Necklace: Kendra Scott | Watch: Apple


Little Black Maternity Dress

After receiving requests about my black dress, I decided to share it with all my readers! I am in love with this black dress. My tummy is about to not allow me to wear it anymore, but it is definitely one of my favorites. It is great for showers, weddings, or when you just feel like dressing up.


Dress: ASOS | Similar Shoes: BP | Earrings: Impressions of Santa Fe | Ring: De’ Carol Designs

No Stretch Marks Please!

With this belly of mine growing every day, I want to make sure that other unwanted things aren’t growing too – like stretch marks. Earlier during my pregnancy, my cousin recommended the Motherlove Belly Oil and Motherlove Belly Salve to me. I absolutely love using these products every day.


The Motherlove Belly Salve I only use at night because it does get a little sticky. But the Motherlove Belly Oil I use when I wake up and before I go to bed. So far, my skin is softer than ever and stretch mark free.

The Motherlove Belly Oil and the Motherlove Belly Salve would also make a great gift for any friends or family members that are expecting too!