I’m BACK!!!

You might not see it very often – the ultimate blogger comeback story. But this gal plans to continue what she truly enjoys. That is sharing what I love, while making people look and feel great.

Since we last met, I now have two boys. My oldest is now almost four, and my youngest just turned one this April (our first virtual birthday party!). My husband and our dog Lola are still thriving, and we are making the most of this pandemic we are all currently experiencing together.

You’re probably still wondering why I took such a long hiatus, and I apologize for leaving you astray on my weekly posts. But when my oldest son was three months old, we learned he had a cataract in his right eye. Being a first-time mom, still trying to learn the ropes and balancing out those hormones, I had a difficult time coping. I suffered from postpartum anxiety and survivors guilt – where I would tell myself that it could be so much worse, and my son can still do all things even with vision in one eye, but never accepting that this was in fact a traumatic experience. One day, I will go into more detail about both of those items in hopes to help other moms out there going through that same experience. But for now, we will keep this re-introduction light-hearted and fun, shall we!?

These last few years, while not sharing on my blogging platform, I continued to assist friends with wardrobe revamps and styling tips. I even helped one friend purchase makeup for the first time (and she looks even more FABULOUS now). I learned new and healthier tricks when cooking, while working with a toddler that is slowly becoming more particular on dining options. Fitness has recently climbed up the importance ladder as well, especially being home so much during COVID-19. I can’t wait to share all of this and more in upcoming posts!

So cheers to you and staying faithful in me. I look forward to helping you become the BEST YOU!


Fun Holiday Game


On Christmas Eve every year, my family plays this great game while we wait to get ready for the candlelight service at our church. It’s called the 12 Days of Christmas, and I want to share it with you!

In preparation for the game, everyone playing brings some gifts. They could be funny gifts, really good gifts, gifts from the dollar bin at Target, a Starbucks gift card….well you get the picture! This year, I am bringing some Bath and Body Works items, some funny head/hat lamps, some board games, some really good tools, and some funny things I found at the dollar bin. You then wrap up the gifts, so you can’t tell what it is without unwrapping. I like to wrap some very fancy, and some I just put in a gift bag and tape closed. This makes it a mind game on what kind of gift is inside.

When it comes time to play, everyone gathers together in a circle and puts the gifts they brought in the middle.

To play the game, someone will need to tear pieces of paper and write a word from the “12 Days of Christmas” song. You will need a piece of paper for each person playing. We like to put words on the paper that are from the 5th day of Christmas or less. For example, we typically write the following words on our pieces of paper:














By using these words, the game starts faster and there are more opportunities for everyone to grab a gift.

Once you wrote on the paper, you will put all of the pieces in a bowl and have everyone playing draw a word.


Then pull up the “12 Days of Christmas” song, and have someone sing (or in our case read) the song.

When the player’s word on their paper is said in the song, they go pick a gift from the middle of the circle. The song cannot stop, so there is no time to sit and pick each gift. Only one gift may be picked at a time. They also DO NOT open the gift until the song is over.

Once the gifts are gone in the middle of the circle, players must then steal a gift from other players.

The stealing keeps going until the song is completely over. Once the song is over, the players open all of the gifts they have. There are some laughs when opening, and of course trading when everything is said and done.

Our family always has a blast, and we have several memories from the game each year. Maybe this can be a new tradition with you and your loved ones! Have fun!

Baby P is Here!

ksp2016riley02Photo: Kaitlyn Smith Photography

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all staying warm and enjoying all of the winter holidays! I apologize for being MIA. I was enjoying my time with this little guy and my family.

ksp2016riley63Photo: Kaitlyn Smith Photography

These last weeks flew by. I am learning so much about myself, parenthood, and how strong my husband and I are as a team. My husband is SUCH a great dad! He keeps me going and is so positive with everything.

I can’t wait to share some of my knowledge with you, as well as getting tips from all you experienced parents out there!

ksp2016riley45Photo: Kaitlyn Smith Photography



Our Anniversary Trip

With Baby P arriving in less than four weeks, my husband and I went ahead and celebrated our wedding anniversary a little early. We typically travel somewhere new, out of the state or country. But with pregnancy travel restrictions, we decided to explore Texas instead.

i-love-you-so-muchDetails on my outfit: HERE

Joining us on our anniversary trip were our honeymoon friends. While on our honeymoon, a few years ago, we met this fun couple from North Carolina that also got married the same day as us and were celebrating their honeymoon too. We ended up becoming friends by the end of our honeymoon trip and stayed in touch when we returned to the states.

When our first anniversary rolled around, we reached out to the North Carolina couple to see what they were planning to do. We ended up planning a group trip to Nashville, Tennessee and had an absolute blast. We get to have a group for tours, concerts, and adventures. Then we break apart for evening dinners or dates. It is now tradition travel together for our anniversary every year. It is so much fun! I don’t know how we got so lucky to find such fun travel buddies.



This year, our North Carolina friends were kind enough to move our anniversary trip up and visit us in Texas. We had the best time exploring San Antonio, Austin, New Braunfels, Gruene, Fredericksburg, and Luckenbach, Texas. It was a tour of the Hill Country. Not only did we get to see new areas of Texas, our North Carolina friends experienced some of the best places in Texas to see.

If you are ever in these areas, I recommended some must-see places below:

San Antonio: The Riverwalk, River Boat Tour, The Alamo, Pearl Brewery, Market Square, Mi Tierra, Gunther House

Austin: Shops on Congress St, Deep Eddy Distillery, 6th St, Rainey St, Salt Lick BBQ

New Braunfels: Naegelin’s Bakery, Float the Guadalupe or Comal River, Pour Haus

Gruene: Gruene Outfitters, Gristmill, Gruene Hall, Cotton-Eyed Joes, Gruene General Store, Adobe Verde, The Grapevine, Tavern on the Gruene

Fredericksburg/Luckenbach: Burger Burger, Beulahs, Dooleys, Becker Vineyards, Grape Creek Vineyards, Crossroads, Silver Creek, Luckenbach Dance Hall




grape-creek-vineyardsDetails on my outfit: HERE

luckenbachDetails on my outfit: HERE

Like. Love. Lick.

This last week, my husband, sister-in-law and I went on an eating adventure. We tried a new restaurant and found a wonderful ice cream shop, called Lick. It was so yummy, I wanted to share it with some of my favorite people – my readers!


Lick Honest Ice Cream is unique by the ingredients they use. Not only does it taste good, it is better for you than typical ice creams you find at super markets. They also have fun flavors, with crazy combinations that are surprisingly delicious. With the heat in Texas not slowing down, this ice cream is a great way to stay cool without feeling as guilty.


A candid photo my husband captured.


If you are ever near one of their locations, I highly recommend stopping in for a scoop or two with your family!

Labor Day Weekend Fun


This past weekend, my husband was so sweet and surprised my dog and me with a trip to the coast, as well as a prenatal massage for me. We had time to relax and unwind as we prepare for Baby P to arrive in seven short weeks. The sun and the sand was the perfect recipe for a great Labor Day weekend.



I apologize for the poor quality. We used the selfie timer to get a family photo.

All pregnant moms: If you have not had a prenatal massage, I highly recommend you book an appointment today! It was one of the best massages I ever had, and they even had a pillow for my belly so I didn’t have to lay on my back or side for the massage.

I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and the remainder of your week is grand! I would love to hear where you went for this extended weekend! Feel free to share in the comment section below.

No More Mosquito Bites

With the Zika Virus in Texas, and me being pregnant, I am very cautious this summer. To make sure I successfully repel those pesky mosquitos, I use Skin So Soft sunscreen and bug spray. It was recommended to me by my OB/GYN, and it is safe on the skin. It also has a nice scent that does not bother this pregnant nose of mine either.


The best thing about this sunscreen is that it also has bug guard in it. So one application blocks the sun and the bugs!


I hope this helps you when protecting you and your love ones this summer. Now go enjoy outside!

Doggie Treats to Beat the Heat

With the Texas heat upon us, I know that pups are suffering too. Besides a water sprinkler and shearing all their fur off, I have a great way too help cool our four-legged friends. Frozen doggie treats! A simple three-ingredient treat that is great for your pets. If your dog is a fan of peanut butter, than you are definitely going to get two paws up for this tasty snack!


I love to give our dog this treat when we are grilling outside, or if we are cooling off with some ice cream or popsicles too. You can use an ice-tray (silicon trays work best), or even make a larger portion by freezing the treat in a disposable cup.




Finger-licking good!

Frozen Doggie Treats

  • 32oz of Greek yogurt
  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 1 cup of peanut butter

Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour mixture into ice trays or disposable cups, then put the filled trays/cups into the freezer. Once frozen, they are ready for your pets to enjoy!


Girls Weekend

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet some of my college girlfriends in Fredericksburg, Texas for the weekend. We had the BEST time being together, and when we met up it was like time didn’t pass at all. I loved every minute of it!  

Being pregnant didn’t slow me down one bit either. I kept up with the girls the whole weekend, but Fredericksburg is a hard place to stop exploring. When it was time to enjoy a cocktail, I would splurge with a great dessert or a Shirley Temple (a cherry Sprite).

For meals, we went to Pasta Bella, Burger BurgerFredericksburg Herb Farm, and Silver Creek. Each of these places were very different, but always had something for everyone. 

On Saturday, we shopped around Main Street and then went to Becker Vineyards and Grape Creek Vineyards. Both have a wonderful atmosphere with music. Grape Creek even has a small restaurant for those who need a meal to go with the fine wine.

For evening entertainment, we went to Crossroads to listen to a great cover band and Silver Creek for some great live music.

During the weekend, we stayed at the Inn on Barons Creek. They had great breakfast and a very relaxing environment. It is right off Main Street, allowing you to walk up and down the street all day.

I hope you have the opportunity some day to venture out to Fredericksburg, TX. All of us girls have been there before, so we only visited our favorite places. But for those first-timers, I highly recommend seeing all the sites and even taking a full wine tour! If you are a explorer, the Enchanted Rock is a great place for you too. 

Happy Travels!

Father’s Day

My dad and me in honor of Father’s Day this weekend:


Father’s Day is quickly approaching. Do you have what you need to show your love to those fathers in your life?

For some reason, I always feel that fathers are tough to buy for when it comes to gifts. The men in my family don’t have hobbies that have gift-buying qualities affiliated with them. Or when these men finally have something you can buy, they usually go out and buy them on their own. It is a tough world when it comes to show appreciation.

If you can relate these types of fathers, I can hopefully help ease your frustration with some great gift ideas this year.

One of the things my dad really likes to do is solve puzzles. Shutterfly has a great product where you can put your own photo on a puzzle. They can make the puzzle into 60 or 252 pieces. Right now, they have great discounts in honor of Father’s Day. So don’t forget to look at those promo codes! Click on the following link to get started on your own puzzle: Shutterfly


Another option is to have your man’s toes tended to. You would be surprised how common it is for men to have pedicures these days. Why not treat yourself and that special father to a pedicure? I suggest letting them try a hot stone pedicure. If a pedicure isn’t up your father’s alley, a massage is another great option too!


Feet of people who enjoy pedicures

If you are on the craftier side, or don’t have enough time to have something shipped to you, I found fun idea to show your love. It is a lotto ticket bouquet. You can budget as much as you want for this gift, and really make it your own. Here is one example that I really loved and plan to use from blupla.com:


This bouquet was created by blupla.com

I wish you the best on your Father’s Day gift this year, and I would love to hear from you on any great gifts you have given in the past or are giving this year. Comment below with any suggestions or ideas!