A Farm-Filled Birthday

My youngest son loves animals. With both sides of grandparents being ranchers, he is growing up with cattle, goats, dogs, and more! So when it came time to decide what kind of birthday party he wanted, he instantly said, “Animals!”

This barnyard birthday was so fun and easy to put together!

The biggest hit of the whole day were these “walking” balloon animals I found on Amazon.

Our Party Menu:

  • Worms in Dirt: a layered dessert cup with chocolate pudding, crushed oreos, and gummy worms on top
  • Veggies and Ranch Dip
  • Popped popcorn in carrot-shaped bags
  • Rice crispy treats cut in squares with string around them to look like hay bales
  • Pigs in a blanket
  • Strawberries dipped in white chocolate that I made orange with food coloring
  • Chicken Feed: Chex mix in paper bags
  • Cupcakes
  • A smaller birthday cake

The Party Favor:

Every child decorated their own pot and then filled it with potting soil and added a vegetable seed. They each left as a farmer, growing their own vegetable.

Here is a link to all of the accessories I used for the party:

brown paper bags for chicken feed | barn package with balloons and cupcake toppers | 9 oz cups for pudding | mini spoons for dirt pudding cups | bandanas | raffia for hay bale treats | mini farm animals | cow print table cloth | red bandana paper plates | black and white cow paper plates | barnyard animal paper plates | barnyard animal napkins | barnyard stacked animals

no mess paint sticks | clay pots

I hope this helps you when planning your next barnyard birthday!


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