Your Friend’s Favorite Gift

Are you looking for a way to appreciate a friend during Christmas, or you maybe need a present for their birthday this season? I am here to help, my friend.

4 Shots of Detox

Dry shampoo was a marvelous invention, and Drybar made it fun for the holiday season. 4 Shots of Detox is a great sample box of their different dry shampoos.

Glamorous Wash Sample Pack

While we are talking about samples……the Glamorous Wash Sample Pack is a great option as well. If you are at the age where laundry smelling good is important to you and your friends, this is a gift for you. Tyler Candle Company took their scents to another level and created laundry detergent with some of their scents. You don’t use this as your main detergent. You continue to use your regular soap, but then you will add a capful of this heavenly product in addition to the soap. Then enjoy the aroma of this glamorous wash taking over your laundry room.

If you rather try Tyler Candles first, here is the Diva Scented Candle  and High Maintenance Scented Candle for you to purchase. These are my two favorite scents

Cook Once, Eat All Week Cookbook | True Comfort Cookbook | French Bull Utensils | Funny Kitchen Towels    

Cookbook + Kitchen Utensils + Kitchen Towel = The perfect kitchen person gift. I have the Cook Once, Eat All Week Cookbook and Kristen’s True Comfort Cookbook is on my own wish list for Christmas this year. French Bull has fun prints and I love their French Bull Utensils. Just add a great kitchen towel, like one of these Funny Kitchen Towels, and you are SET!

Makeup Eraser

I love my Erase Your Face Makeup Cloths from Amazon, but these Makeup Erasers are a great gift set option too. I use a cloth every time I wear makeup. It takes even mascara off with hot water.

Vital Proteins Collagen Sampler Pack

If you have a friend that wanted to try Vital Proteins, or their powdered collagen, this is a fun way for them to try it!

Pura Smart Home Diffuser Pack

Over candles, but want your home to smell nice? Pura is a great option, and they have a holiday set available this year. The Pura Smart Home Diffuser Pack includes the diffuser, along with two scents.

Coco Friendship Bracelet


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