Matching Mama

Green Top | Jean Shorts | Womens Shoes | Sunglasses | Little Kid Shoes | Toddler Shoes   

Green Top | Jean Shorts | Womens Shoes | Sunglasses | Little Kid Shoes | Toddler Shoes   

You can easily find matching mother-daughter headbands, dresses, or shirts, but moms matching their sons isn’t nearly as fun or cool. I know I know – matching isn’t required. But man, it is sure fun!

I recently discovered the matching-shoe option when I accidentally came across little boy Adidas that are similar to the black Adidas I wear frequently. He loved wearing them. I loved discretely matching my son. It was a win for everyone. Now that I have two boys, I made it fun once again when I found a mini version of my checkered Vans. It is something simple to do, and it makes it fun (for me at least) when we wear them together.

Go have fun connecting with your kids with shoes, headbands, shirts, or something new. They will appreciate it more than you think.

Green Top | Jean Shorts | Womens Shoes | Sunglasses | Little Kid Shoes | Toddler Shoes   


Lululemon Finds

 Striped Tank | Similar Tank Currently on Sale | Blue Shorts | Similar Black Cardigan | Another Similar Cardigan | Sneakers – Currently on Sale!   

While working from home, I learned that if I start the day dressed in workout clothes, the likelihood of working out during the day is much higher. I also want to look somewhat put together when taking my boys to their preschool as well. That’s when athleisure wear comes in, and I wanted to share my own combo with you today!

Lululemon definitely is known for not only being great workout gear, but a higher-end line as well in the industry. When comparing to other workout clothes, some of their items are definitely worth the price difference. But being a big fan of bargains, I had to search a little bit more. Lululemon has a We Made Too Much section online and on their app! This hidden gem has regular items on sale if they have too much of one color or specific product. So you aren’t getting clothing pieces with malfunctions, but you are getting a better price on their clothing items. My tank and shorts were on this list recently, and their items can change weekly. Also, with their free shipping and free return policy, I’m not as afraid to try something on that list.

So if you were interested in trying Lululemon, I highly recommend shopping through the We Made Too Much section first!

 Striped Tank | Similar Tank Currently on Sale | Blue Shorts| Sneakers – Currently on Sale!  

Now go enjoy that workout!

New Shorts Find!

Caslon Rounded V-Neck | White Levi Shorts | Snake Print Sandals

After ordering these white shorts from Amazon at the end of July, I learned they were back ordered. I waited patiently for the Levi shorts to come in and they finally arrived!

I must say they are living up to my expectations. They are high-waisted, with buttons in place of a giant zipper. I’m already looking into buying other colors in this same style too!

I’m wearing a Nordstom Anniversay Sale top as well – a rounded vneck Caslon top, and Target sandals.

Shorts are always hard to find – they are not long enough, they are too tight at the waist, and I could go on. But I hope these shorts are a great option that can work for you too!

Caslon Rounded V-Neck | White Levi Shorts | Snake Print Sandals

Prepping for the Nordstrom Sale

This sale is different than other sales. Why, you ask? This sale discounts new and upcoming items, versus items that are discounted because they need to make room for new items coming into the store. This makes this event much more exciting, and something you don’t want to miss, because you will see these items throughout this upcoming fall/winter season.

You can see all of Nordstrom’s sale items through their Early Access Preview. I’m sharing some items I really liked while browsing the web. Please note, some items might currently show “Sold Out,” but Nordstrom tries very hard to restock as quickly as possible. So keep your eye on the item your interested in because it might restock!

Also, I apologize for the long post, but I’m hoping this is an easier way for you to shop the sale – or at least have an idea of what caught my eye this season. I also will do a try on with all these clothes when I order on the 13th in hopes to help you! You can find the link to each item below the image for easier shopping too.

Dresses: I only found one dress I am considering to purchase this year. It is reasonable price and I feel I can wear this for different occasions.

Olive Long Sleeve Dress

Tops: There are a few tops I will be trying, but the Nordstrom sale is a great time to get some staple pieces for your closet.

Cream Turtleneck Sweater

Free People Sweater

Henley Long-Sleeve Top

Rounded V-Neck T-Shirt

Extra Long Top

Crewneck Pullover

Outerwear: There is a similar Patagonia coat like I have on the sale this year, and I absolutely LOVE my Patagonia coat. It’s super easy to pack as well. I am a big cardigan wearer, so I will be trying some of these pieces this year as well. I’ve only heard great things about Barefoot Dreams and their incredibly soft items.

Patagonia Coat

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan

Open Stitch Cardigan

Shorter-Length Cardigan

Lounge/Sleepwear: With staying home more this year, and my love of coordinating pajamas, Nordstrom offers some great options.

Moonlight Dream Short-Sleeve Pajamas

Moonlight Dream Long-Sleeve Pajamas

Cozy Top | Cozy Shorts  

Shoes: This is where I see the largest savings in the entire sale. I am also a huge fan of shoes so there are several currently on my Wish List right now.

Vince Camuto Booties

Steve Madden Flats

Duke Studded Chelsea Boot

Steve Madden Mules

Cole Haan Slip On Sneakers

Accessories: Here are some great finds that are sometimes overlooked when shopping the sale. Accessories are important too! 🙂 The Tory Burch handbags have great deals this year. I shared two that I really like, and for those moms out there – I love when the chain is removable so I can turn my purse into a wallet and throw it in that diaper bag.

Carson Zip Crossbody

Carson Convertible Crossbody

Logo Studs

Marty Drop Earrings

Quay Sunglasses

Makeup Mirror

Little Boy Items: Here is what I plan to purchase for my older son for this upcoming season.

Better Sweater Jacket

Baseball T-Shirt |  Reversible T-Shirt


Sporty and I know it!

Tank | Skirt | Hat | Shoes

I grew up playing tennis, and I wore tennis skirts A LOT. So wearing them is a go-to when I am running errands, or when I want to be one step up from just shorts and a t-shirt. It was a busy day, so I only had time for a quick bathroom selfie. I also was very lucky that two little boys weren’t a blur in the background.

I love this combo because I look “put together,” while being able to chase boys, or even hit up the gym (or tennis courts). I will definitely be wearing this all day.

Oh, there’s a kid 🙂

Chaco Time, All the Time

Chaco Sandals

In 2012, my husband gifted me with these custom-designed Chaco sandals. Little did he know, these sandals would become part of my everyday life.

Living in a town with a famous waterpark and two floatable rivers, owning a pair of good water shoes is a must. Having two boys that are all over the place and can get dirty at any second also requires reliable footwear – where you can play in the water one minute, but then chase them down the sidewalk the next. Chacos are fun, comfortable, and did I mention you get some great tan lines from them too?

Chacos do have solid colors and great prints. My chacos were very bright, but of course, faded over the years. For a sizing reference, I am a solid 7 1/2, and I have a 7 in these sandals – as they only come in whole sizes.

If you are looking to try on in person, I highly recommend REI. If you are local, The Pomegrante has some great options as well.

May you have a great time in the outdoors!

My Little T-Shirt Dress

Sunglasses |  T-Shirt Dress | Diaper Bag  | Sandals | Apple Watch Band

T-shirt dresses are so versatile and mom-friendly. I believe you can never have too many! This little number I found at Wal-Mart for $9.96! I really like the thickness of the material, along with the details – like the ribbed neckline and front pocket. I paired this dress with my comfortable, and affordable, snake-print sandals. I hope this dress finds it’s way to your closet too!

Little Boys Swimsuits

Do you ever struggle to find swimwear for little boys? Finding swim trunks with a matching rash guard is fairly hard for me to find, and I am all about that UV protection!

Luckily, I can always trust in Mud Pie and Target to come through when it comes for fun swimwear that my boys approve!

I found a lot of their swimwear online for you to browse, and I’m sharing some other fun options for you too as little brother’s clothes aren’t are online anymore, #handmedownlife:

Shark Pocket Rash Guard | Shark Swim Shorts | Great Alligator Swim Set | Shark Swim Set

Light Blue Alligator Shorts    | Alligator Snorkel Rash Guard | Dark Blue Alligator Shorts | Alligator Surfer Rash Guard  | Swim Hat | Keen Sandals | Toddler Sandals   

One-Piece Zip Sunsuit with Hat | Water Table

We can’t forget our life vests too! We love the Speedo Life Vest!

Speedo Swim Vest

Cute and Comfy

dress | sandals | earrings | ring | watch | hair tie

Do you ever struggle with the challenge of wanting to dress cute for a social event, but not wanting to be uncomfortable? I have this challenge all of the time! Especially with two little boys, being cute and comfortable are two words that don’t commonly connect for me. But Target really helped with a resolution – their tshirt dress.

Recently, Target had their tshirt dresses on sale, so I purchased a few colors to give them a try. These dresses did NOT disappoint. So comfortable, machine-washable, and they are a great length! Enjoy the links under my photo for the entire outfit.

Have a great and comfy day 🙂

– madelon