Chaco Time, All the Time

Chaco Sandals

In 2012, my husband gifted me with these custom-designed Chaco sandals. Little did he know, these sandals would become part of my everyday life.

Living in a town with a famous waterpark and two floatable rivers, owning a pair of good water shoes is a must. Having two boys that are all over the place and can get dirty at any second also requires reliable footwear – where you can play in the water one minute, but then chase them down the sidewalk the next. Chacos are fun, comfortable, and did I mention you get some great tan lines from them too?

Chacos do have solid colors and great prints. My chacos were very bright, but of course, faded over the years. For a sizing reference, I am a solid 7 1/2, and I have a 7 in these sandals – as they only come in whole sizes.

If you are looking to try on in person, I highly recommend REI. If you are local, The Pomegrante has some great options as well.

May you have a great time in the outdoors!


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