Lululemon Finds

 Striped Tank | Similar Tank Currently on Sale | Blue Shorts | Similar Black Cardigan | Another Similar Cardigan | Sneakers – Currently on Sale!   

While working from home, I learned that if I start the day dressed in workout clothes, the likelihood of working out during the day is much higher. I also want to look somewhat put together when taking my boys to their preschool as well. That’s when athleisure wear comes in, and I wanted to share my own combo with you today!

Lululemon definitely is known for not only being great workout gear, but a higher-end line as well in the industry. When comparing to other workout clothes, some of their items are definitely worth the price difference. But being a big fan of bargains, I had to search a little bit more. Lululemon has a We Made Too Much section online and on their app! This hidden gem has regular items on sale if they have too much of one color or specific product. So you aren’t getting clothing pieces with malfunctions, but you are getting a better price on their clothing items. My tank and shorts were on this list recently, and their items can change weekly. Also, with their free shipping and free return policy, I’m not as afraid to try something on that list.

So if you were interested in trying Lululemon, I highly recommend shopping through the We Made Too Much section first!

 Striped Tank | Similar Tank Currently on Sale | Blue Shorts| Sneakers – Currently on Sale!  

Now go enjoy that workout!


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