Stocking Stuffers for Kids

I recently asked for viewers help on what gifts they are needing help with this year. The number one response was for children, but most of them added that they wanted the toys to be useful or not annoying. I can relate to that! I also received several responses on gifts for friends and then the dreaded – gifts for dads. I will be covering all three of these items, per your request, but I want to start this holiday season with children’s gifts.

Today, I’m covering stocker stuffers, or lower-priced items, that are kid-approved in my family. Continue to follow me as I post about additional gift ideas very soon! These gifts range for ages 6 months – 6 years old, and they are great for boys and girls.

Melissa and Doug Water WOW

This Melissa and Doug Water WOW pad is great for traveling, doctor visits, or when you need a child to wait for their meal at a restaurant. The pad and pen is reusable. You only need water for the pen and away you go! No permanent messes on clothes or furniture, and you can keep one in your bag whenever you need it. This three pack I linked on Amazon is only $11.49.

Melissa and Doug TAPE Activity Book

My four-year-old son loves tape, and pretty much anything sticky. The Melissa and Doug TAPE Activity Book allows kids to use tape with a purpose. I found this while purchasing fun band-aids (again because band-aids are sticky), and my son will be getting this as one of his presents this year.

Whirly Squigz

I’m a huge fan of Fat Brain Toys. These Whirly Squigz are definitely high on the list. They suction to windows very well and spin like a fidget spinner. Both my boys (4 and 18 months) love them – especially in the car.

Suction Kups

Fat Brain also has these Suction Kups. Multipurpose too! Not only do they suction to pretty much everything, they are great for snacks too! I love putting puffs in the cups, then suctioning the cup to the table. That is not their original purpose, but it works for our family!

*NOTE* If you are interested in both the Whirly Squigz and Suction Kups, Amazon has a great bundled option here: Fat Brain 12-Piece Set This is actually what I purchased for our family on our long 8-hour family trip this summer. It was a great investment.

Let’s Go Fishing

It’s a classic, and parents can join in on the fun. Let’s Go Fishing game is only $6.99 at Target. Reminder – it will need batteries! AAA Batteries linked here for ya to go ahead and add to your cart. 🙂

Crocodile Dentist Game

An easy-to-store gift for 4+ years is this Crocodile Dentist Game. Another classic and fun-spirited gift. Helpful for kids not wanting to brush their teeth too!


This is a great sensory toy, and great for little ones and their development.

Mudpuppy Magnetic Puzzle

This puzzle was a recent birthday gift for my four-year-old son, and HE LOVES IT! My favorite part is that it is easy to store. It is the size of a book and folds open into two different puzzles.

Bath Water Color Tablets and Dispensers

I don’t have to fight the boys to get in the bathtub when I ask them if they want to color their water. These Bath Water Color Tablets and Dispensers are so fun and a great way to learn how to mix colors. You simply put one tablet in the dispenser and put it in the water. The water quickly changes into the color and makes bath time more entertaining. The refills are easily accessible on Amazon as well: Bath Tablet Refills

Stay tuned for my bigger gift ideas for kids, along with dad gifts and gifts for those gal pals!


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