Feature Friday: Worth the Wine

If we are being honest, wine was never my go-to beverage. They were too bitter, too sweet, or too dry for me to want to enjoy over dinner or watching a movie with my husband. But I loved tasting and trying different brands and types of wines. I would never turn down a glass when with friends too – especially when watching “The Bachelor.” Wine is essential for that show.

When my dear friend, Margaret Hodges, became a consultant for Scout and Cellar, I was immediately intrigued. Margaret knows her wine, and I know she wouldn’t partner with just any company. At the first opportunity available, I hosted a wine tasting at my home with Margaret. That tasting was one of the most enjoyable events. Great friends AND great wine. I was so impressed with each wine, and Margaret was wonderful in explaining the differences. Since then, I’ve preferred to enjoy Scout and Cellar wine over them all. I actually choose wine when I know I have my favorite – Fieldhouse Pinot Noir.

Scout and Cellar made its way to my Feature Friday because I recently discovered their Scout Sampler. It comes with four smaller bottles of their more popular wines. I love the resealable top and that I don’t have to open a whole bottle for myself. They also recently released Holiday Sets that are great gift options for your friends and loved ones.

I also wanted to mention the most important part about Scout and Cellar. They are a clean-crafted wine. If you want more insight on what this means, I strongly recommend reaching out to Margaret at @worththewine on Instagram. She is a great resource in learning more.

So cheers to Scout and Cellar and cheers to the weekend, y’all!


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