Father’s Day

My dad and me in honor of Father’s Day this weekend:


Father’s Day is quickly approaching. Do you have what you need to show your love to those fathers in your life?

For some reason, I always feel that fathers are tough to buy for when it comes to gifts. The men in my family don’t have hobbies that have gift-buying qualities affiliated with them. Or when these men finally have something you can buy, they usually go out and buy them on their own. It is a tough world when it comes to show appreciation.

If you can relate these types of fathers, I can hopefully help ease your frustration with some great gift ideas this year.

One of the things my dad really likes to do is solve puzzles. Shutterfly has a great product where you can put your own photo on a puzzle. They can make the puzzle into 60 or 252 pieces. Right now, they have great discounts in honor of Father’s Day. So don’t forget to look at those promo codes! Click on the following link to get started on your own puzzle: Shutterfly


Another option is to have your man’s toes tended to. You would be surprised how common it is for men to have pedicures these days. Why not treat yourself and that special father to a pedicure? I suggest letting them try a hot stone pedicure. If a pedicure isn’t up your father’s alley, a massage is another great option too!


Feet of people who enjoy pedicures

If you are on the craftier side, or don’t have enough time to have something shipped to you, I found fun idea to show your love. It is a lotto ticket bouquet. You can budget as much as you want for this gift, and really make it your own. Here is one example that I really loved and plan to use from blupla.com:


This bouquet was created by blupla.com

I wish you the best on your Father’s Day gift this year, and I would love to hear from you on any great gifts you have given in the past or are giving this year. Comment below with any suggestions or ideas!



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