A New Addition

I’m so excited to announce to my readers today that our family is growing by one! WE ARE EXPECTING! Baby P is due to arrive this October, and we couldn’t be happier.

Along with making the most of your closet, sharing recipes, and other fun ideas, I am happy to share my pregnancy journey with you and help you when it comes to shopping for yourself and your little ones. Shopping for clothes is something I have found to be a difficult journey, and I want to help you conquer being a cute pregnant mom-to-be!

This past weekend we had a gender reveal with our family and loved ones. We found out that Baby P is a boy! Below are some photos from the big reveal. Our guests came dressed in their guess wearing pink or blue. As you can see, my guess was a girl and my husband’s was a boy. He won the guessing game this time!





Next item on the baby list is to pick out a theme for the room and start a registry. We can’t wait to get started! Stay tuned for more of this amazing adventure.


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