Deep in the Heart of Texas


Image created by Margaret Hodges

In honor of Texas Independence Day, I wanted to share five things I love about my state:

  1. Texas Country Music

I love Texas country, and great musicians that came from our state. George Strait, Kacey Musgraves, Josh Abbott, and more! What’s even better is they come to visit our state quite often too.

     2. Floating Rivers


During those hot summer months, nothing beats a relaxing float down one of the many rivers in our state. It brings friends together, literally tied together with rope, and guarantees great memories.

     3. Sports

With two NFL teams and several great college teams, Texas is well known for football. But when it comes to Texas sports, I am a fan of the San Antonio Spurs, Texas Rangers, and Texas Tech football. So blessed to live in a state with such great sports!

     4. Stock Shows and Rodeos

I was an active member of 4-H and FFA all the way through college. During elementary and high school, I was extremely involved in stock shows. Raising animals taught me so many things, and I am forever grateful for that. Now that I am older, it is fun to watch kids show their animals and then go to the rodeo that night.

     5. The People

When you meet a Texan, they will not be a stranger by the end of the night. So many Texans are friendly and treat everyone like family. I grew up in a town, where everyone felt like family. Wherever I go in the state, I always feel welcomed and it’s a great feeling. I have such great friends, and I love my Texan family even more.

If you haven’t visited Texas, I highly recommend it. You will definitely have a greater appreciation for the word “y’all” too.


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