Friday Feature: Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  Do you have the perfect gift for your loved one? Buying gifts for men can be pretty challenging. However, one of my favorite things is to be personal with my gifts. Here are some of my favorite things that may make be perfect your man too!

Qalo rings: My husband and I LOVE these bands. These are silicon rings that you wear instead of your nice wedding ring. My husband found these a few years ago when he learned he wasn’t allowed to wear his metal ring at work. I agreed with my husband that wearing a ring is not worth losing his finger, but he still wanted something to represent our marriage. This is when he found these amazing Qalo rings. He wears his Qalo ring every day at work, and I wear mine when exploring the outdoors or excercising. You can even personalize the inside of the band now too!

qaloShop for rings now here: Qalo

White Wing: I feel that White Wing offers the best accessories and luggage for men. One of my favorites is their travel cooler because it NEVER leaks! They have gift ideas for all price ranges too. It’s a great company and a great brand. Below is a photo of our cooler. It is a few years old, it’s been through a lot, and it still looks this great:

IMG_7849Shop for gifts here: White Wing

Titleist Golf Balls: My husband is an avid golfer, but sometimes golf gifts are over my gift budget. Titleist recently introduced their customized golf balls, for a fair price, and I think they are so fun! My husband’s golf balls are customized with the number 12, and his initials. No more ball marking for him!

IMG_7855Start customizing your gift here: Titleist

Yeti Cups: If you live in Texas, you probably heard of Yeti or even have a few items of your own. Yeti is a cooler company that recently introduced rambler cups. These ramblers come in a few styles and sizes. They are great because they do not sweat, and they keep things hot or cold FOR-EV-ER. My husband and I use ours every day!

IMG_7870Shop for your perfect rambler here: Yeti

I hope these gift tips help you when finding that perfect something for your loved one. Happy shopping!


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