Gifts for Him

Dads can be VERY hard to shop for during the holidays. Especially, when their hobbies don’t really have accessories. Or those men purchase everything in your price range to gift them. I can relate!

Hopefully, these gifts are just a little out of the box where they haven’t thought about it (yet), and can be special for the holidays. Note – these gifts are great for women too, and I know I would love almost all these gifts myself, but I am sharing these items in hopes of easing the gift-buying burden for men.

Phone Magnet

Something that both my husband and I have on our phones is this awesome magnet. You adhere it to the back of your phone, or phone case, and it will connect to anything metal. Along with connecting to fridge doors, gym rigs, or your golf cart railing, it also comes with this dashboard ball. That metal ball will adhere anywhere in your car – mine is right below my air vent in my car. Your phone will connect to that metal ball with your magnet, and volia – hands-free and staying put. It is so fun to use!


If you haven’t heard of BOMBAS Socks, I highly recommend looking into them! For every item you purchase, an item is donated to someone affected by homelessness. Their women’s no show socks are some of my favorite, but my husband enjoys their performance socks as well. They have fun and festive colors for the holiday season too.

Shutterfly Desk Calendar

Taking photos is so easy these days, and why not display them for your loved one to see each month? These Shutterfly Desk Calendars are expected from our family each year. It is the one present they get so excited about, and we get to reflect the year together as we flip through every month.

Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket

Barefoot Dreams is famous for their soft, heavy, blankets. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is sold out of them every year. Typically, these blankets are leopard print, but I found a great “guy version” with less leopard and more camo. This Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket is a great splurge for those guys that love to watch a movie on the couch, or always use blankets. Think of it this way – you can use that blanket too! 🙂

Counterman Face Lotion | Counterman Body Wash

Self-care is important for guys too. That is why I’m inFace Lotion in my recommendation list. They also have a great Shave Regimen kit and Beard Regimen kit if you want to get your loved one set up for success in either area.

You might need something to put those toiletries in too, so I included both a sporty and classic shave kit option. My number one, go-to pick, is the Jon Hart Shave Kit. It’s timeless and great for any age. The leather patch on the side allows you to monogram the kit with anything you would like too – a name, initials, or even a college logo. The Patagonia Shave Kit is a versatile bag for men that can be used for more than just toiletries.

Yeti 26oz Rambler | Yeti 14oz Mug| Yeti Ice Pack | Yeti Lunch Bag

Let’s chat Yeti real quick. If you haven’t heard of Yeti, or tried any of their products, then welcome to gift heaven! If your guy likes coffee, their Yeti 14oz Mug or 24oz Mug are great options. I personally use the 24oz mug, and my coffee stays hot up to five hours!

The Yeti Lunch Bag is a nice size for snacks, a smaller lunch, and it really keeps things cold. The Yeti Ice Pack fits perfectly in the bottom too. I used my husband’s a lot for bottles of milk when traveling for work or on vacation.

A great go-to water bottle is the Yeti 26oz Rambler. I personally think it is the best size.

10oz Wine Tumbler | 10oz Lowball

For whiskey and wine peeps, their 10oz Wine Tumbler and 10oz Lowball cups are perfect for keeping those beverages at the prime temperature.

If you want to go bigger, my favorite cooler they offer is the Yeti Hopper Flip 12. It is a great size for any event, trip, or function. The cooler doesn’t make you look like you’re planning on staying all night, but can still take home leftovers from grandma’s house too.

All of the Yeti products come in different colors, and some items have free personalization on their website too.


For those that workout, exercise, or like to care for their body, the Theragun is top-of-the-line percussive therapy. This massage gun gets to that deep muscle tissue, providing a faster recovery.

RPM Jump Rope | WOD Repair Essentials Kit | Bear Komplex Hand Grips

For those that are into CrossFit, or Functional Fitness, these items are great staple pieces to keep in their gym bag. The RPM Jump Rope is great for getting those double unders perfected. The WOD Repair Essentials Kit is to help prevent hands getting destroyed from workouts. I promise this helps! I wouldn’t be working out without it! Another way to slow down the hand-tearing process are these Bear Komplex Hand Grips.

I would love to hear your feedback on if there is more an area you would like to see or a price range you are trying to stick to for your significant other. Feel free to reach out to me directly or DM me through Instagram at @rockparkerscissors.

Happy Holiday Shopping!