Hello Baby, Goodbye Dairy!


Hello Readers!

I hope you are all doing well! I apologize for my absence in posting. Going back to work while being a new mom is tough work! But now we have a routine in place, and life is slowly going back to (our new and improved) normal. This includes being able to blog again with you!


Since I last posted, there have been a few changes in our home. One of them being a new dairy-free diet! About two weeks after coming home from the hospital, we noticed our son spitting up all the time and having tremendous stomach pain. After trying multiple things, our pediatrician finally recommended going on a dairy-free/soy-free diet. It was crazy how this nutritional adjustment affected my son! He instantly improved, with less spit up and very little stomach issues. Unfortunately, that meant queso, Blue Bell, and I had to take some time away from each other.

I am now on my fifth month of this diet, and my whole family is adjusting. I am making meals with healthier substitutions, and getting adapted to allergen charts at restaurants. It is much more challenging than you think when it comes to finding food that is dairy and soy free. However, I am thankful for the world we live in today because there are many more options available than there were when I was a baby.

For any moms out there facing this same diet, know that you are not alone! There are Facebook groups for dairy-free breastfeeding moms, and several recipes online. Here are two of favorites for my sweet tooth, or when I’m craving fried food:

Cinnamon Oat Bars (great for boosting milk production too!)

Baked Chicken Strips

I would love to hear from you on your favorite dairy-free/soy-free recipes or food! I am always up for new ideas!



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